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Welcome! <3


Jaz | 16 | ♀ | Taken |
dorky, geek and gamer. i'm pretty much open for any kind of conversations and practically do jokes about anything.
furry and digital artist, student in progress.

French 2 by Faeth-designUSA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designSpanish lang4 by Faeth-designStamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp

To a very special butt..

You're just wonderful, you're all I could've ever dreamt of. How can I describe you? For me you're perfect; kind, sweet, a gentleman, huggable, open-minded and very patient.
Everything of our relationship is just great, too good to be true, but I do like this reality. I love that you're open to talk, and any kind of talk, really. I love being with you, even if it's taking a stroll, watching a movie, playing Mortal Kombat, or just cuddling. I love everything we do. Every single time we talk, I end up laughing; you make me smile uncountable times, and yes, I've lost count already. You're the person who's made me laugh the most so far, and you're the one who opened my eyes to love and to life.

You know I have a rough past, and I know you've had it a lot more tough than me. Like all couples, we've had our difficulties, and we were even in the verge of breaking-up once. But now that I think about it, I would've regretted letting you go the rest of my life, since you're one of the little sun rays that make my day feel warm and be just better when you're around.

I have never been loved this way before, and every single problem I have just fades when you comfort me, kiss my forehead, look me in the eyes and say "everything will be ok, I promise".


Love is a funny thing. All these nights I get the chance to call you, stay awake almost all night talking to you, hug you, kiss your cheek even though my lipstick will stay, it's... unexplainable. This feeling I have for you, man, it is strong, and you're the kind of person I'd definitely love to share the rest of my life with. You're the only that know's me better than the truth. You know you can count on me for anything; because we're more than partners, than a couple. We're best friends. And I love it.

I love you, my squishy dorky panda. I love you, Kevin. ♥




Duuuuude ♥
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The betch♥♥

Teh bbys

Momma and hermaphrodite pappah
:iconenharmonia: + :iconfargonon: = :iconsharkic-ii: >U




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Random shiz.

No no no !!! by luisbcCeiling Creeper Stamp by HybridAirwolf stamp by war-armorProtected by Werewolves stamp by purgatoriWolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeartI Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostampsMy dog ate my Stamp by Otogakure-AkatsukiLobo by skinnyveestampSkyrim by skinnyveestampIt fixes problems by YoumaddotcomNom nom! Waffles! -stamp- by MsPastelCookie Lover Stamp by luvlybreezeFinding Stuff Stamp by JFG107-StampsFictional Love by BakerizeDonut Cat -stamp- by MsPastelPanda Are Awesome Stamp. by livinladolcevitaSTAMP: I love pizza by neurotripsyStamp: WTF? by 8manderz8Stamp Teleport by TheSaltyMonsterFallopian tube by SirvanaRachanaDance Dance by TheSaltyMonsterStamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonsterStamp: Butterfly! by TheSaltyMonsterStamp: Kitty by TheSaltyMonsterShower Performance by TheSaltyMonsterHesselbach's triangle by SirvanaRachanaEdward Cullen Sparkles Stamp by Heart4SkiesMovie Blooper Stamp by TivariTurtle Stamp by Sky-YoshiUmbrella Stamp by Kezzi-RoseRainbows Stamp by Kezzi-RoseNarnia Stamp by Kezzi-RoseTicTac stamp by TheAmazingLadyShoefunny face stamp by Taina-ChanInsane Stamp by Shelly-oneechanError Stamp by Sky-YoshiI make faces stamp by GracelessLoveNinja Stamp by littlemisssunshine11Men with Accents Stamp by Lady-TrevelyanSimons Cat _Fly PWNED_ Stamp by ImHisEternalAngelStamp: Ceiling by Roxy317Music stamp by loveelectric10k-The Fan Stamp by BusirisI Love The Rain by WearwolfaaCharacter Gender Stamp by One-For-Sorrow


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    Donated Oct 31, 2012, 1:39:05 AM

Very much tagged oh lordy.

Mon Feb 23, 2015, 5:48 AM

1. If you had to choose, would you rather be a head chef or own a bakery?
Head chef duh.

2. What is your dream job? Why? (yes 2 questions in one, huehuehuehue)
Work either in Dreamworks (main) or in Pixar Animation Studios. Or be a vet and appear in Animal Planet HAHAHA.

3. Regular light bulbs, LED, or florescent?
Depends, but for my house? Regular ones. The other two hurt my eyes and that's not good. :c

4. If you could exchange one part of your body with an animal, which animal and what body part?
PEENYS. No, not really. I'd have either raptor legs (feet) or dragon wings instead of arms. Or back spines * v *

5. Your clothes have suddenly just started talking to you; what's the first thing you do?
Mind yo daaaaaammmn mothafockin business. Nothing, I'd ask "WHO WANTS TO BE WORN TODAY?!".

6. If you were dared to do something crazy with your hair, what would you do? (and i mean CRAZY)
Uhhh.. dye it orange? I dunno really. Define something CRAZY. Because. . . my crazy may be different to your crazy.

7. Do you brush your teeth? 
Uuuhhh, yuh.

8. Are you a cat person or dog person? (if neither, what other type of animal person are you? put a random
color if you're not an animal person at all!)
Horse person, ferret person and dog person. <333
Cats are welcome too.

9. If you could change your name to anything in the world, what would you change it to?
Nah, I'm good with my name c: 
Though I wanted my name to be. . . Jaz or Alice, or Alexis. Something a bit cooler than Andrea. :u

10. LAST QUESTION YAY! Are you satisfied with your art work, why or why not?
Work as in drawings? Yes. But I can improve. c:

I'm not tagging anyone; if you happen to stumble across this and feel like answering my questions, feel free! Yes. Copied this straight from Potato. Ilu.

  • Listening to: Headlights by Eminem (feat. FUN.)

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9. Abril PB Turquoise - Starting by Oceannist Button - Unpaid by happy-gurl

-Art Trade with :iconnoxivaga: (Pending)

Stuff I'm waiting for ♥

Rocket <3


STAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwangHusky Love Stamp by cloudratBeagle Love Stamp by cloudratDingo Love Stamp by cloudratGolden Retriever Love Stamp by cloudratGerman Shepherd Love Stamp by cloudratShiba Inu Love Stamp by cloudratMutt Love Stamp by cloudratHorse stamp by xMashykaxWild Horses Stamp by sorrelstangI love Friesians by WishmasterAlchemistFriesian by Cathines-StampsFriesian Winter by skinnyveestampI love Rocky Mountain Horses by WishmasterAlchemistI love Andalusians by WishmasterAlchemistI love Shire Horses by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lipizzans by WishmasterAlchemistI love Mustangs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Warmbloods by WishmasterAlchemistI love Draft Horses by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lusitanos by WishmasterAlchemistI love Appaloosas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Thoroughbreds by WishmasterAlchemistI love Pintos by WishmasterAlchemistI love Fjord Horses by WishmasterAlchemistHorse Stamp by NativeHorse32Leopard by skinnyveestampDragons by skinnyveestampFelines by skinnyveestampFelines by skinnyveestampI love Dinosaurs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Hyenas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Snakes by WishmasterAlchemistI love Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemistI love Penguins by WishmasterAlchemistI love Sea Lions by WishmasterAlchemistI love Giant Pandas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Ferrets by WishmasterAlchemistI love Ocelots by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lions by WishmasterAlchemistI love Red Pandas by WishmasterAlchemistI love White Tigers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Siberian Tigers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Lynx by WishmasterAlchemistI love Clouded Leopards by WishmasterAlchemistI love Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Caracals by WishmasterAlchemistI love Black Panthers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Iguanas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Hummingbirds by WishmasterAlchemistI love Maned Wolves by WishmasterAlchemistI love African Wild Dogs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Otters by WishmasterAlchemistI love Guinea Pigs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Harp Seals by WishmasterAlchemistHorns Stamp by YoshikuniShikuDemons by skinnyveestamp

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